Clayton County Project Priorities

Priority= Healthcare

Clayton County healthcare professional’s who serve on the Clayton Archway Executive Committee, identified the need to establish a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center in Clayton County. The Archway Partnership has assembled faculty and students from UGA’s College of Public Health to assist in researching and preparing an application to establish additional Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHC) in Clayton County. The FQHC’s will improve health disparities and reduce indigent care costs for existing service providers in Clayton County and the region.

Priority = Education

The Clayton Archway Partnership recognizes the importance of a quality public school education and we share the Clayton County Public Schools (CCPS) and Clayton Board of Education’s commitment to quality education in Clayton County. As such, Clayton Archway Partnership supports the Clayton County Board of Education and Clayton County Public Schools in regaining the SACS accreditation, and stands ready to act should direct assistance be requested from Archway. In addition to supporting CCPS in regaining SACS accreditation, Clayton Archway will address two other education issues (1) early childhood education – addressing challenges of children ages 0-5: and (2) family resource centers – providing “one-stop-shops” for families to become aware of community social and educational services and resources.

Priority = Economic Development

The Clayton Archway Executive and Steering committee along with Economic development professionals in Clayton County realized that becoming a Georgia Work Ready community would, improve the skill level of its citizen’s and provide local employers with a highly skilled work force. A group of Clayton community leaders and Clayton Archway have assisted in creating the Clayton Work Ready Team that will assist Clayton County in becoming a Georgia Work Ready community. This program will build industry networks in Georgia and expand the life sciences industry in Clayton County specifically. Clayton County has also identified the need to develop an Economic Development Consortium, the purposes of which are to establish county-wide economic development priorities, encourage public-private partnerships, and market Clayton County assets.

Priority = Public Image

Clayton County leaders and citizens are working with UGA’s “Creative Consultants” students from the Grady school of Journalism who will create a community-wide “brand” that might serve as a single source of pride for all Clayton County businesses, governments, organizations, and citizens. Clayton County leaders have also identified the need to make physical improvements to gateways into cities/county; litter and signage, code enforcement, corridor development and potential areas of work.